How to Insall Covenant on Kodi 17.4 Krypton

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As we all know that Covenant is a popular add-on based on popular Kodi add-on named as Exodus. It takes the help of various sources that can be websites or TV shows to live stream them to the public. Covenant uses the features of several of its predecessors like library integration or Track.TV support and also has features of foreign providers or premium accounts and also file downloads and many more such features. Kodi Covenant also has a special feature that is that it falls in the same category as that of Exodus , Phoenix, Alluc and SALTS. The main motive of the covenant Kodi is that it is a platform used to show videos on Kodi and also is third parties add on.

Before giving the steps on how to install covenant on KODI 17.4 Krypton ,  let’s see how to stay safe from these third party add on.

The main motive is to stay safe and the best way is to use VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Let us assume that we are not responsible for any online activities that we carry out while we are online. This guide below is that it is for educational purposes only and we all are solely responsible for the searching that we do. Whenever we go online it is always advised to connect to VPN or virtual private network. By using VPN or Virtual Private Network we can do surfing the web anonymously.

  1. Kodi add-ons should not be geo-restricted and should be unlocked – with the help of VPN or virtual Private Network we can bypass various regional restrictions and also can be used to with a lot of Kodi add ons so that we can use anywhere in the world.
  2. VPN helps in giving an extra layer of security and privacy for all the online activities that we do.
  3. With the help of VPN or virtual private network, we can help fix the issue of the internet speed. Sometimes we notice that speed is fast while browsing but drastically goes down when streaming videos. In this case, the VPN helps in tackling the problem.
  4. To install VPN application one does not need to be a tech freak as there are lot of VPN extensions for PC, Android, MAC, IOS and fire stick.
  5. The best VPN or virtual private network to work with KODI is the IPVanish. This VPN helps to work with the KODI add on as they have optimised their application to a great extent and also they don’t have any log policies.

Now comes the main part how to install covenant addon to KODI 17? This requires the same steps to install as any other add on that we require.

How to install Covenant on Kodi 17.4

By default, we will see that KODI 17 has set sources not to download from unknown places. So first we need to enable it. Once we do this from the next time we do not need to change the setting. Now to install this add-on we need to do –

  • Open KODI.
  • Then go to settings.

  • Then we need to go the settings of this application. The open the system settings.
  • After opening the system settings page we need to go to the left hand side menu and select the Add
    ons option from there.
  • After the screen that opens we need to turn on the unknown sources option.

  • There is a warning that there will be risk of losing the data or important files and damage to devices and many more things. If we all are sensible users then it is fine till then. Hence we need to click yes.

  • Now to install the add on
  • Open the KODI application
  • Then select the Settings cog.

  • After selecting the system cog we will see a large number of options. From there we need to select the option that is named as FILE MANAGER.
  • After selecting the option file manager then we will see various options and from there we need to select the option named as add source.
  • From the pop up dialog box that appears on the screen we need to select none.
  • Then we need to type the following path exactly as given and then select OK. The path that needs to be typed is : –
  • There will be a box that is present underneath it and the name of the box will be enter a name for the media source and we need to type kodistuff all in small letters. Sometimes the name is already present there. In any case we need to select it and then click on OK.
  • After doing all the above steps then we need to go back to home screen and the select add on option from the left menu bar.
  • After selecting the add on option from the left hand menu then we need to select the option called as Browser.
  • After going to this option we get various options on the right hand side and from there select the option install from zip file.
  • There will be a pop up showing various names and from there we need to select kodistuff.
  • After selecting the kodistuff option we get two zip files and from them we select
  • After that we need to wait from a few minutes to see the add-on enabled notification displayed on the top right corner.
  • After seeing this pop up go to the install from repository option.
  • After that select smash repo from the various options that will be shown.
  • After that select the add-on repository.
  • After doing all this select the colossus repository and then from there select install and again wait for the add on installed notification to pop up. Then repeat the steps by going back to the home screen then select add ons then select browser and again select the add on repository. Then select the colossus repository and from there select the video add on and then finally install covenant and then when it is installed we will get a notification of Kodi covenant install.

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