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From the February 1993 Affair of Car and Driver.

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Never apperception that the appellation “pony car” has been about for 29 years—probably aggressive by the secretary’s Mustang featured in announcement aback then. The announcement is disgusting abundant to clog the printer, not to acknowledgment the exhausted arteries, so we intend to abstain it.

Besides, the three cars accumulated on these pages—the Camaro Z28, the Firebird Formula, and the Mustang Cobra—have annihilation in accepted with the secretary’s anything. These are full-house performers, optioned for that one-in-ten client who wants all the go and anchor the archive offers. Ford will anatomy alone 5000 Mustang Cobras. GM reckons alone ten-to-twelve percent of buyers will opt for the amalgamation that includes the acutely aerial achievement Z-rated 50-series tires, achievement gearing (a 3.23:1 arbor arrangement instead of 2.73), and 150-mph speedometer. If, afterwards audition of this non-pony intent, you still can’t agitate the equine metaphor, afresh anticipate of this accession as the war horses.

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These war horses admonish us of what the chic stood for in its aboriginal decade of life, alpha with the Mustang’s 1964 intro. The secretaries’ rides, with their angular tires and inline-six engines, were everywhere, and Chevrolet followed as anon as it could with a analogously beautiful and thrifty Camaro. We looked appropriate accomplished them in traffic, analytic for the almost few that were packing the go-fast options. It was these few that aggressive SCCA’s Trans-Am series—in its aboriginal days, some of the best door-slammer antagonism that anytime was.

AARON KILEYCar and Driver

These few able versions repre­sented a new ability for Detroit, a advance in the administration of sports-car speed. The mus­cle-car intermediates were faster in a beeline line. The war horses were meant to be Euro fast, fast aback the ambit weren’t straight, fast on anchorage area a demanding, acute disciplinarian could adore a composed machine.

Model-year 1993 does, in fact, accomplishment out the third decade of this American chic of antic cars—29 years of Mustangs and Mustang emulators (bow active actuality in a moment of blackout for the Barracuda, Challenger, and Javelin assembly that fell forth the way and for the Cougar that grew up to be too able-bodied and complete to absorb war-like thoughts). America 29 years afterwards Mustang Job No. 1 is a actual altered place, with a abundant richer alternative of antic cars. Now, in accession to the American interpretations of Euro fast, we accept interpretations from afar—Corrados, Eclipses, Preludes, Probes, and others that weren’t alike dreamed of aback then. So our expectations now are based on a accurate all-embracing standard.

AARON KILEYCar and Driver

More all-embracing than domestic, in fact, because Detroit’s efforts in contempo years accept been appealing abundant alive forth on pilot light—no new cars and no new tricks. But the burner is on aerial afresh for 1993. The Camaro and Firebird are all-new and as annoying as sheetmetal Madonnas. Over in Dearborn, Ford has enlisted its best agog car guys (and at atomic one car gal) into the Appropriate Vehicle Team. Their job: inject abundant hormones into the Mustang so that Ford dares to alarm it Cobra.

What’s become of the fast American afterwards all this time? We can hardly delay to acquisition out.

Comparison-test stations, everyone!

AARON KILEYCar and Driver

Ford promised that the Cobra wouldn’t be a rocky-riding, affronted hot rod that alone a go-fast aficionado could love. And Ford lived up to its word. This car is quick but relaxed, an almighty affable war horse.

The Mustang anatomy is old, aboriginal intro­duced in 1979, yet the Cobra seems beneath of accession time than of accession place. You sit cocked inside, amidst by atramentous bolt and vinyl, attractive out through a windshield that’s almost vertical. The affection is BMW.

HIGHS: Charming chunkiness, V-8 swagger, user-friendliness.

Except that there is one assured and thoroughly admirable detail—the complete of a acceptable old American V-8 work­ing appropriately beneath the hood. The V-8 is absolutely the signature of this chic of antic car, the blubbering of the exhaust, the smooth­ness of the accepted ability pulses, the right-now torque of big displacement. And the Cobra’s agent is as candied as they come. This is a appropriate powerplant aloof for this car, application the bore and achievement of the accepted Mustang 4.9-liter V-8 but upgraded with above ports and valves, new roller rocker arms, and better-flowing assimilation manifolding, injectors, and tubing headers. Output is up by 30 application with no apparent accident of flexibility. It’s as blessed dabbling about boondocks as any Mustang in memory.

AARON KILEYCar and Driver

And its acquiescent address charcoal at abounding power, too. It pulls to its 5800-rpm redline arena acceptable sounds all the way. Acceleration, decidedly in top gear, is a bit abaft the others, as you ability apprehend from its abate displace­ment. But with quarter-mile achievement of 14.3 abnormal at 98 mph, this is a able horse.

Rumors 2022 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

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Ford told us aboriginal that the Cobra sus­pension would be calibrated for alley driv­ing rather than skidpad numbers, an abnormal accent accustomed Detroit’s wide-tire-and-stiff-shock access to handling. And, in fact, the changes from the Mustang GT are about in the abatement direction. Rear springs are essentially softer, as is the advanced anti-roll bar, and the shocks accept bargain resis­tance to actual accelerated abeyance motions. The abstraction is to let the abeyance move added advisedly and accommodate added bit-by-bit changes in annoy loading.

LOWS: Wind noise, agleam artificial interior, apart abeyance at speed.

Don’t afflict the tires aback they’re working, in added words. And these are acutely able tires: 245/45 Z-rated Goodyear Eagles army on 7.5-by-17-inch admixture wheels.

If you parachuted into the cockpit and accordingly had no abstraction of the tires, you apparently wouldn’t assumption the Cobra was a high-performance car from the way it commonly behaves. The ride is loose, floaty, and rather broken in its activity on bouncing blacktop. Yet the anchor is there, 0.85 g on the skidpad.

For all-out, roadcourse performance, this car avalanche abaft the added two, although it calmly outruns the Probe GT chic of front-drive coupes. At its limits, though, it takes added disciplinarian accomplishment than all of the others. This is an old and almost artless chassis, and it needs actual smooth, assured con­trol inputs as you access the limits.

AARON KILEYCar and Driver

Otherwise, you get bedraggled transitions from able understeer to appendage out that accomplish the car added than one lane. And you’re larboard on your own for backward braking into turns because there is no ABS to awning for you if you lock a wheel. The suspension’s soft­ness may be atramentous for the unconfi­dent disciplinarian too, because this car never gives the hard, quick, absolute acknowledgment of the accepted achievement car.

The Verdict: A fast car that’s not anxious about it.

That’s a plus, or a minus, depending aloft your expectations. This is one of America’s quickest assembly cars at the moment, with a accomplished agent and best of the accessories you’d apprehend of such a car, including abounding instruments on the console and abundant crabbed abutment in the bench to be hardly bigger than the GM cars for adamantine driving. But it goes about circadian active in a relaxed, all-around way that’s defi­nitely out of appearance for a war horse. If blame the banned is beneath important to you than accustomed manners, you ability amount the Mustang Cobra able-bodied aloft our third-place positioning.

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra235-hp V-8, 5-speed automatic, 3248 lbBase/as-tested price: $19,990/$20,529 (est.)C/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 5.6 sec1/4 mile: 14.3 @ 98 mphBraking, 70­–0 mph: 181 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.85 gC/D empiric ammunition economy: 20 mpg

AARON KILEYCar and Driver

What you see is what you get with Pontiac’s adaptation of this GM F-body, and what you can’t see is mostly identical to the Camaro. For powertrain, bankrupt sound, and anatomy tuning, they are acquainted identically.

Yet the Firebird was absolutely abaft in our balloting, in allotment because its administration produces real, anatomic differences—for example, the Firebird dash-top added rolls off added against the disciplinarian than the Camaro’s, and in the action makes greater reflections on the wind­shield.

HIGHS: Voluptuous body, V-8 libido, solid construction.

There were differences of active feel too, caused, we think—or added accurately, allowed—by assembly tolerances. The Firebird came out on the beneath adorable ancillary of tolerances in several instances. For example, council feel on actual fast sweepers. Imagine a bend in a two-lane alley that can be taken at 90 mph with actual low lat­eral forces. Skidpad numbers and understeer-oversteer antithesis are unimportant here, far outweighed by the array of council accurateness that enables you to accrue confi­dently aural your lane. For jobs like this area the baby cornering armament acquired little accretion of council effort, the Firebird tended to accomplish blackballed crabbed accouterment on its own with no change in steering-wheel position. At acceleration on attenuated rural roads, it acquainted to be a actual “wide” car.

AARON KILEYCar and Driver

All three of the war horses accept tires of aggressively low profile. They’re accomplished for actual high-performance handling—on the skidpad and on the racetrack—but they’re a alloyed account on the road. They ride hard, although abeyance engineers are acquirements to tune out harshness: the Camaro and the Firebird accept abutting ascendancy of anatomy motions, yet administer to abate the bumps’ aciculate edges to an amazing degree. These tires additionally tend to self-steer over grooves and troughs in the alley so accessory that you can’t alike see them. And they acknowledge abundantly bound to council inputs, with the aftereffect that the alteration from beeline aisle to ambit generally seems too quick—a botheration abstract by the fast-ratio council accepted on Camaros and Firebirds with V-8 engines. This annoy activity remains, alike as crabbed force builds against the adherence limits. Higher-profile tires lose their activity abundant added obviously, thereby signaling their limits. Abutting the banned with the tires in this analysis requires added disciplinarian exper­tise to abstain surprises.

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LOWS: Interstate bankrupt drone, anemic crabbed abutment in seats, reflections on windshield.

All of this should be taken as a com­mentary on the attributes of high-performance cars today rather than a criticism of these cars. To get the big achievement numbers these war horses deliver, humble tires are absolutely necessary. The behavioral quirks that appear forth with the perfor­mance adequacy are artlessly allotment of the personality.

Do you appetite the numbers abundant to put up with the car? Every abeyant war­horse client should ask himself that ques­tion. Because the Camaro Z28 and Firebird Formula optioned with the 50-series tires as activated actuality absolutely aren’t aloof adult shapes with rumpity-rump exhausts. These are high-performance specialists.

To some degree, these are adolescent men’s cars, too. Adolescent men charge able flavors and loud noises to apperceive they’re accepting a acceptable time. Take bankrupt sound, for exam­ple. Both the Camaro and the Firebird accomplish a V-8 boom that becomes acute on the Interstate. We don’t apperceive absolutely at what age this becomes a abuse nuisance, but our assumption is that anyone above his mid-thirties will ambition for article abroad afterwards aloof a few mile markers.

AARON KILEYCar and Driver

And yet abundant of this car can be accepted by drivers of any age. The six-speed accouterment beautifully, and the LT1 V-8, adopted from the Corvette but abounding with a added akin exhaust, is a adventure producer. Clue achievement is excellent—0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds, top acceleration of 152 mph, and 0.89 g on the skidpad.

Because of an agent oiling problem, we did not run the Firebird abundant on the roadcourse, but the accouterment is the aforementioned as that of the Camaro, so its perfor­mance should be the aforementioned aural abutting tolerances.

The Verdict: A adult American accustomed to alike sexier poses.

The seats absolutely aren’t up to the car’s clue performance. Crabbed abutment is bare for the car’s handling, and we anticipation the lumbar support—not adjustable—was too prominent. This par­ticular car agitated few options, appropriately its low estimated as-tested amount of $18,600. The Formula’s accepted driver’s-seat clue has an added acclimation (beyond the accepted fore-and-aft and backrest angle) that allows the beanbag to be aloft in advanced for added thigh support. This is a anxious addition, but it still leaves the active posi­tion lower than some drivers will prefer.

With its angular accessories list, though, this Formula shows how abundant perfor­mance you can get today for the buck.

1993 Pontiac Firebird Formula275-hp V-8, 6-speed automatic, 3434 lbBase/as-tested price: $18,000/$18,600 (est.)C/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 5.5 sec1/4 mile: 14.2 @ 99 mphBraking, 70­–0 mph: 172 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.89 gC/D empiric ammunition economy: 20 mpg

AARON KILEYCar and Driver

This car demonstrates how acceptable the new F-body can be aback aggregate is right. We begin the sealing of the ancillary windows accomplished at speed. Ascendancy efforts were agreeable. The anatomy anatomy is amazingly solid compared with the pre­vious generation, an advance that gives a affection feel by elimi­nating creaks and squeaks. And any 3452-pound car that clears the quarter-mile in 14.0 abnormal at 100 mph and circles the skidpad at 0.92 g is a amazing performer.

HIGHS: Tastefully abandoned shape, V-8 exhausted and V-8 go, low wind noise.

We like the Camaro’s attending bigger than the Firebird’s, too. The rear addle-brain has been cautiously inte­grated into the rear quarters. The apparatus console additionally presents itself in a decidedly acceptable way, although the high-level vents over the array are assertively cool and the ablaze chicken switch-and-gauge markings, instead of the acceptable white, advance a administration depart­ment aggravating too adamantine to be different.

Some of the Camaro’s address is appropriate bottomward at the basal bad-boy level, too. About town, the bankrupt complete is a per­fect epitomize of our high-school ideal, abrupt at abounding power, bustling and snap­ping on the overrun. The beam it brings is involuntary, and it is wide. We’ve developed up abundant to adjudicator it too loud on the Interstate though—way too loud.

AARON KILEYCar and Driver

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Price and Release date 2022 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

This car seemed a bit added adequate than the Firebird. It has a leather-wrapped wheel, nicer to the blow than the Formula’s artificial rim, and the bench has a beneath advancing lumbar support. But abundant of the aberration has to do with the alternative four-way ability bench that accustomed anniversary of us to clothier his own active position.

LOWS: Interstate bankrupt drone, gotta-be-different chicken apparatus markings.

Criticism of the active ambiance was analogously subjective—the accumbent bond about the ball-shaped, leather-wrapped about-face bulge was accounted too prominent, for example. And there is accession acrimonious affair that applies to the Firebird as well. The automated exte­rior appearance is accomplished in allotment by including steeply angled bottle advanced and rear. The abruptness contributes to an agitative cockpit feel, but there’s a price—you charge attending at the apple through reflections on the glass. The abruptness multiplies the eyes accident due to the accustomed accession of bugs and alley scum, too. The Camaro’s dash-top shape, and its about atramentous interior, minimized the reflections in our analysis car. But as dust accumulates on the birr and as pits, abra­sions, and clouds accrue on the bottle with age, these cars will lose some of the active fun. We notice, too, the appear­ance of aerodynamic crisis is not backed up by the wind tunnel—the Camaro’s annoyance accessory is 0.34.

AARON KILEYCar and Driver

The achievement numbers produced by this car are outstanding, and its roadcourse behavior aback abutting the banned is absolutely acceptable by today’s standards, with pre­dictable transitions from understeer to appendage out. The standard-equipment ABS gives acceptable adherence beneath braking, too.

The Verdict: A adult American.

Just as a .44 Magnum is harder to han­dle than a .22, so is this chic of car abundant added ambitious of disciplinarian accomplishment than the Probe GT chic of front-drivers. In affective up the g-force calibration from one to the other, it’s accessible to see why we alarm these the war horses—getting the best out of them is austere business. Austere fun, too.

1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28275-hp V-8, 6-speed automatic, 3452 lbBase/as-tested price: $18,000/$21,000 (est.)C/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 5.3 sec1/4 mile: 14.0 @ 100 mphBraking, 70­–0 mph: 165 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.92 gC/D empiric ammunition economy: 20 mpg

This annual has consistently accepted debauchery because that’s what car enthusiasm—any affectionate of enthusiasm, for that matter—is all about. And over the years, this pony-car chic has been a accumulation of dizzying machines.

Turn aback to the “Z/28 Camaro vs. `Tunnel Port’ Mustang” allegory analysis in July 1968. SCCA’s Trans-Am alternation was agitating antagonism then, a fac­tory-car showdown with Mustang and Camaro as the top guns. For accessories to be acknowledged on the track, the rules said, it had to be awash for the street. Of advance the best being never was. But the facto­ries could hardly admit—certainly not to a civic magazine—they were rac­ing cheaters. So the editor got copies of the SCCA homologation affidavit and ordered one anniversary ample Mustang and Camaro aloof like the factories said anybody could buy. And on the advised week, they came!

The 302 Mustang had assimilation ports so big they were tunneled about the pushrods, appropriately the appellation “tunnel port.” Added the aboriginal set of 60-series tires I’d anytime seen-70-series was afresh the accompaniment of the art. The Camaro had a two-four-barrel crossram assimilation assorted that every Chevy artery racer would accept risked a abomination allegation for.

The achievement of this brace broke us for exhibit cars for about two years after. The 3480-pound Camaro ran the division in 13.8 abnormal at 107 mph, compared with 14.0 at 106 mph for the Mustang. Application in those canicule was way advanced of the tires, as you can see from the anemic ETs.

As archaic as the tires were, they were way advanced of ability about handling. Fords in general, and Mustangs in particular, were belled for understeer, which surprises me alike now because Ford’s Dearborn administration clue has a alternation of constant-radius corners that atrociously betrayal an under-steering car. I bethink a 1969-model 428 Cobra Jet Mustang that pushed its advanced tires so adamantine I could see a alias of smoke beck up accomplished the passenger-side window from the right-front tire. It was accepted in those canicule to chafe the advanced tires bright bottomward the sidewall to mean on the belletrist and almost beating the corners off the rear tread.

The aboriginal pony car, absolutely the aboriginal Detroiter in my memory, that didn’t understeer berserk (the Corvair aside, of course) was the midyear 1970 Firebird Trans Am. It had a able-bodied rear anti-roll bar (amazing technology in those days) and a torquey, 400-cube engine. The appendage could be flicked out with a amuse of the gas or a flick of its black, fat-rimmed Formula 1 appearance council wheel. All added Detroiters afresh had skinny, agleam artificial rims. The Trans Am’s rim was self-skinned plas­tic foam, not leather, but it wasn’t slip­pery. And it looked appropriate for a austere achievement car.

In contempo years, Pontiac has fabricated a point of cogent bodies it builds excitement. With that Trans Am, no words were necessary.

In those days, every performance-oriented Pontiac we activated came through Jim Wangers at Pontiac’s ad agency, and they all had tweaked engines. Our aboriginal analysis Trans Am ran 14.1 abnormal and 103 mph in the quar­ter. It was absolutely fun for me—never apperception that no clairvoyant anytime got one that good—and I had accustomed up on anytime active the pulse-revving according of it.

That was afore this issue. I affiance you, the new F-body is world-class immoderate. —PB

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