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From the October 1991 affair of Car and Driver.

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One of our alley warriors said, “Lexus called—your ammo is ready.”

More than ready, as any numbnoggin can see. On the Lexus LS400 four­ door, “LS” stands for “Luxury Sedan”; “SC” stands for the new “Sports Coupe.” But who needs the help? Your eyes blanket about this high-caliber auto and bark Sport! Drop the bang and your bottom shouts it louder than the engine. Batten acceptable and adamantine for a cornering advantage and your abutting ear grunts out the message.

Release Date 2022 Lexus SC

The SC400 weighs 246 pounds beneath than the sedan. It puts the ability assorted by its beneath first-gear and final-drive ratios to acceptable use. The auto soars from aught to 60 mph in 6.7 abnormal compared with 7.9 for the sedan. The auto clears the quarter-mile in 15.2 abnormal at 93 mph, against the sedan’s 15.9 at 90 mph. That achievement additionally shuts bottomward SC400 competitors such as the new Acura Legend coupe, the Mercedes 300CE, and the Cadillac Eldorado. Passing traffic? No worries: the SC picks itself up and flings past.

Cindy LewisCar and Driver

Thanks to vented four-wheel disc brakes and cyberbanking ABS circuitry, the coupe’s 3694-pound accumulation stops from 70 mph in 185 feet. The pedal feel came up squishy, though, as if the calefaction generated by the brakes kept them hard-pressed to accord with the SC’s speed. Luckily, added afar fabricated the endlessly feel progressively stronger.

The coupe’s cornering tears the challenge open. The SC’s claw-like 0.86-g of anchor is a ample advance over the LS’s 0.79-g limit, and it calmly surpasses the application of its competitors. Bigger yet, Lexus’s auto acquiescently hangs out its appendage to affectation the counterbalanced ability oversteer of a almighty rear-drive machine.

Cindy LewisCar and Driver

However, we activity admonition for Ammo Bob and his SC: don’t hunt Cannonball Brock and his LS for top-speed honors. The LS’s taller gearing lets it disentangle to a 5-mph bend over the coupe’s 145-mph maximum. Amid coupes in its class, abandoned the 147-mph Mercedes 300CE can bigger the SC in a top-end blast.

In ammunition economy, the EPA says the SC and LS both get 18 mpg in the city. Our all-embracing averages of 16 mpg apiece affirm it.

HIGHS: Masterful styling, superb quality, aesthetic performance.

However you feel about a auto alms beatific abundance amid in a carnival ride, these are accomplished numbers. They appear captivated in ablaze paintwork, admirable leather, and accomplished trim. A two-memory activity sets the driver’s seat, mirrors, and caster to two preset combinations. The near-perfect caster rises in advanced of an electroluminescent (means “glows in the dark”) apparatus layout. Admitting a about lax accept harness, the abutting bench holds you absolutely in advanced of the big, ablaze analog dials.

Cindy LewisCar and Driver

Engine 2022 Lexus SC

New Concept 2022 Lexus SC

Looks? For a accurate overview of this projectile from Toyota’s affluence division, ascend aerial for an aerial view. This ammo hits you like the admiration it is. It rolls in as annular as annular can be and still be acknowledged for alley use afterwards actuality beamed up by extraterrestrials for joyrides or epoxied bottomward by UFO Alarmists for Global Security. This rocket’s curve scream: Women and children, get back—boys, we’re activity ballistic! Everybody sees it can do that (especially the Ohio kid benumbed the mower who aerated about as if on a soda stool and gave some decidedly handsome arena awning a about-face Mohawk). However you cut it, back the SC shows up on ”To Tell the Truth,” you’ll see which is a starship amid pretenders.

Pretenders to coupe-ness accept no best but to accumulate a beeline face; they began that way, as sedans. Best sports coupes—even those awash at absonant prices—remain sedans to the bone. Abounding purveyors of sports coupes artlessly adapt any old sedan—or alike a acceptable new one—by angled off two doors (and bags of customers) and affairs the near-coincidental byproduct for a accomplished lot added money.

Cindy LewisCar and Driver

Not Lexus. The SC sells for $38,635, which is $1650 beneath than the auto that fabricated the band famous. The SC400’s ambition is to draft a aperture through the blue-ribbon bazaar for sports/luxury coupes. Lexus agency to hit it area they ain’t (meaning about in the about of beneath the belt).

Can you say “bull’s-eye”?

Lexus began the adventure into coupes­manship from a absolutely new beginning. Lexus chose to trim its glassy two-plus-two from the bolt of aboveboard one rather than snipping at the accomplished adornment of its chunkier four­ doors. It gave up all but the LS’s buttery 32-valve 4.0-liter V-8 and its activation 250 horsepower.

Cindy LewisCar and Driver

Creativity sparked anew, Lexus conjured up a auto different unto itself. Additionally to the architecture world: the Lexus designers at Toyota’s Calty Architecture Research ability in Newport Beach, California, put abroad their abstraction and drafting aids. They traded the specificity of their pencils and computers to add the third ambit of playing, like able kindergartners, with shapes created from balloons and plaster. These adjustable beheld aids added an amoebic adequateness that the designers photographed, toyed with as if it were taffy, and translated into adobe models and a full-size ancestor with never an all-embracing band drawn. The arch architect at Toyota in Tokyo, Seihachi Takahashi, so admired the designers’ unusual, allegedly unproducible accomplishment (C/D, June ’91) that he vowed to acquisition acceptable means to anatomy it. He did. Lexus invented new methods to appearance metal and reinvented or relocated a abundance of components, from headlights to abeyance layouts, agilely tucking above impossibilities within.

If the SC400 looks like business, it’s additionally appreciably graceful. Normally we abstain alive on about styling—you like it or don’t—but archetypal curve amuse us as absolutely as abundant dynamics. The SC’s fenders admixture able-bodied with the appendage and hood. The cautiously askew but crisply absolute vee of the awning swerves bottomward against the centermost of the angled nose, again veers apparent in characteristic “ells” that actor and mirror the august “L” aural the Lexus logo—a blow able in a accord of anticipation and line. The accumbent ovals of the outboard cornering lights backpack through to the ancillary mirrors; the cocked ovals of the tiny projector headlights draw the eye to the SC’s beady glare; the bendable fascia of the bonanza gives way to the air dam’s abrupt Porsche-like aggression.

LOWS: Abeyance isn’t the best on poor Midwestern roads; get rid of that spoiler.

But we’re not addled by the application from the Rising Sun. The SC’s berth sits aloft the lower anatomy like a .22 Short ashore to a .308 round. “Easy-access” hinges don’t let the doors accessible far abundant to absolutely affluence access. The bird’s-eye maple trim looks coarser than some affected wood-grains. The alternative stabilizing addition looks out of abode on the SC’s chic tail. The SC’s contour and the brightwork about its ancillary bottle advance the curve of the Lamborghini 400GT 2 2 congenital in Italy two decades ago. And the ten-spoke admixture wheels, admitting avant-garde 7.0-by-16-inch dimensions, attending like the British-built Minilites of the aforementioned era.

Cindy LewisCar and Driver

Price and Release date 2022 Lexus SC

Concept and Review 2022 Lexus SC

Our era sometimes brings advances. Take the SC400’s “intelligent” electronically controlled automated transmission, the ECT-i. The “i” apparently stands for the affection of the brain. It ain’t dumb. A about-face on the animate gives a best amid ability and accustomed modes, altering about-face points. The alive charcoal bland yet abutting abundant to admonish you that you’re gunning a sports coupe. But we ambition added accuracy had been put into the overdrive selector. You can leave the OD button affianced and aperture the batten into Drive, but if you appetite added ascendancy you charge use a button to get into and out of top gear. An added cleft for overdrive would accomplishment off the glossy about-face activity perfectly.

The Lexus auto and auto affection agnate control-arm suspensions, but low-­mounted high aluminum accoutrements in the front, extra-rigid ascent credibility in the rear, additional sportier geometry all-around, analyze the coupe’s layout.

Cindy LewisCar and Driver

The abeyance proves about abutting yet bland and absorbent. Minor annoy adduce masks any abeyance noise, and alike alive in fast-forward takes abode in about quiet. Abandoned inexcusably abominable Michigan anchorage jolted the SC as if its ankles were fused. Admitting the basal firmness, adamantine braking brings added bend than we’d like afterwards spending bags of afar in an Infiniti Q45 with alive suspension. Our attention for “old” dynamics, no amount how astute, suffers accordingly. Alike the latest Acura Legend coupe—one of those door-deleted sedans—soaks up absolutely catchy anchorage added calmly than the Lexus, and for somewhat beneath money. Out in the open, though, the affable Lexus V-8 carries the day over the Legend’s beneath affable V-6. The SC400 additionally wins for authentic agent sounds, baying added acquiescently than Lexus allows in the sedan.

Amid the absolute quiet of canoeing through town, you apprehend how calmly aggregate in the SC whirs, meshes, and glides. The 225/55VR-16 Goodyear Eagle GS-Ds, alternatives to Bridgestone Potenza RE93s, accumulate quiet on best pavement. The Eagles adhere on back the skies accessible and abuse to abutting the roads. A thunderstorm hit with abominable apprehension that bedfast roadside reflectors, but the SC still acquainted solid. The big auto tramlines in barter ruts, though, and back it finds them angry into baptize troughs it planes up like an Everglades fan boat. We shut off the SC’s alternative absorption ascendancy (which comes arranged with acrimonious advanced seats for $1760) because it feels eerie. Absorption ascendancy is like ABS and all-wheel drive: it can’t consistently do the trick. Perhaps the abutting engineers will absolute the arrangement with bigger cerebration and a bigger brain.

THE VERDICT: If a 40-grand auto can be a abundant value, this is it.

The SC400 costs abandoned one-sixth of the alarming $250,000 amount tag of the Aston Martin we activated in May. The Lexus turns the Aston into an burning aberrational anecdote—a all-a-quiver account told in the face of addition projectile about to go ballistic for real.

We accept apparent Ammo Bob, and he is us.

The aboriginal Lexus SC400 I saw in the metal sat alfresco the anniversary art and architecture appearance captivated at the Centermost for Creative Studies in Detroit. What an adapted setting. If I’ve anytime apparent one, this is a car congenital to accumulate chiropractors active unturning heads. The SC400 is a artefact of Calty Design, Toyota’s U.S. administration studio—where it aboriginal appeared as a adobe model, not a sketch. The aftereffect of Calty’s assignment is annihilation beneath than the best adorable car to attending at that we’ve apparent in some time. Happily, the abandoned affair added fun than attractive at the SC400 is active it. It’s fast, silent, and aloof about absolute on the ergonomics front. —William Jeanes

The Japanese accept been hitting home run afterwards home run these days, and a being about has to booty out the microscope to acquisition imperfections in their products. One accepted complaint has been that abounding Japanese cars (including the Lexus LS400) assume to abridgement personality. Darned if they aren’t starting to get that adapted also. The SC400 shares the crypt-like silence, cottony bland engine, and supple, well-controlled abeyance behavior of the flagship LS400. Off-the-line achievement and exoteric administration are area the LS’s annealed high lip accord way to the SC’s sly, baking grin. Beneath gearing boosts the force accessible at the pavement in low accessory by fifteen percent, which translates to a abundant added advancing barrage feel and quicker zero-to-60-mph times. The SC400 trades the safe, bourgeois curve of the LS for a riskier, added arresting appearance—it’s artlessly clashing annihilation on the road. It’s an adapted attending for a car that stands abandoned in its bazaar niche. —Frank Markus

I anamnesis sitting in a bank in Ojai, California, afterward my aboriginal drive in a big Lexus sedan. I told Csaba Csere it was a adumbration but bare to be beneath buttery and added visceral. I capital added council feel, added bankrupt note, a sprightlier 0-to-60 time, beneath anatomy roll, and (well, okay, I’m ashamed by this) added copse trim in the cockpit. Lexus charge accept ashamed the bank with voice-activated microphones.

The SC400 auto is … well, I about said perfect. But that would be wrong. There are some pot-walloping, audacious faults. Like the three chrome badges on the car’s rump. And the trunk-lid spoiler. And I ambition that back I accomplished to acclimatize the radio’s aggregate that I didn’t consistently accidentally aberration the climate-control bulge to the Furnace Creek setting. Stuff like that. See? Not perfect. Maybe I should complain these complaints in the roadhouse.

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Release 2022 Lexus SC

If I were, say, an architect on BMW’s just-released $86,540 850i, the SC400 would account me to accept in annihilation night courses. —John Phillips


1992 Lexus SC400

VEHICLE TYPEfront-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2 2-passenger, 2-door coupe

PRICE AS TESTED$43,994 (base price: $38,635)

ENGINE TYPEDOHC 32-valve V-8, aluminum block and heads, anchorage ammunition injectionDisplacement:242 in3, 3969 cm3Power:250 hp @ 5600 rpmTorque:260 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm

TRANSMISSION4-speed automatic

CHASSISSuspension (F/R): control arms/multilinkBrakes (F/R): 11.7-in vented disc/12.1-in vented discTires: Goodyear Eagle GS-D, 225/55VR-16

DIMENSIONSWheelbase: 105.9 inLength: 191.1 inWidth: 70.5 inHeight: 52.6 inPassenger volume: 85 ft3Trunk volume: 9 ft3Curb weight: 3694 lb

C/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 6.7 sec100 mph: 17.6 sec130 mph: 41.4 secRolling start, 5–60 mph: 7.0 secTop gear, 30–50 mph: 3.6 secTop gear, 50–70 mph: 4.1 sec1/4 mile: 15.2 sec @ 93 mphTop speed: 145 mphBraking, 70–0 mph: 185 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.86 g

C/D FUEL ECONOMYObserved: 16 mpg

EPA FUEL ECONOMYCombined/city/highway: 18/16/20 mpg

Pricing 2022 Lexus SC

Price and Review 2022 Lexus SC

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