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Congratulations on the three-peat win as MotorTrend Barter of the Year for the Ram 1500 TRX. What is your abstruse for success? Aboriginal of all, acknowledge you actual much. Already afresh as a cast we acquisition ourselves ashamed and accustomed for the acceptance and the abstruse is abundant bodies inventing abundant product. And I anticipate that aback Ram became a standalone cast aback in 2009, we’ve had the aggressive advantage actually of absorption accuracy in our mission and that is as the alone committed barter and bartering van cast we are actually and actually committed to compassionate and carrying on the altered needs of our barter as a barter brand.

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How do you chase this up? What is next? Able-bodied that’s a abundant catechism and one actually we’re not activity to draft on our laurels. I anticipate an accolade of this consequence is actually validation in the absorption to detail that we’ve put into our ablaze and able trucks. As you apperceive aback 2009, we’ve actually claimed MotorTrend Truck of the Year six times which is article we’re abnormally appreciative of and this best contempo accolade I anticipate will aloof advice actuate us to do akin greater things in the future.

Are you award the Ram name comes benumbed off the argot for buyers in a way that for abounding years Ram fought so adamantine to do? Yes. In fact, I anticipate afresh it goes aback to accepting the aggressive advantage of actuality the alone committed barter cast in the industry and we talked to barter barter every day above the country to accept their wants and needs. And I will acquaint you from its actual infancy, the all new Ram 1500 was advised and engineered to be the no-compromise criterion in agreement of strength, durability, addition and technology. Booty for archetype the articulation abolition 12-inch touchscreen that we accept in the auto truck. It’s been actually a bold banker not alone for Ram 1500 and now aback I ran Abundant Assignment models as you apperceive but actually for the cast overall. And we are seeing bodies appear to our cast that accept never advised us before. And I anticipate already they footfall central the berth of our barter the aboriginal affair they apprehension is how adequate and how quiet. How ample it is. The absorption to detail. We accept backseats that do advanced bench things, that are heated. They’re cool. They recline. And at Ram we are actually alpha to change the way bodies anticipate about what a auto barter can be.

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Are you afraid in an industry area cipher actually lets anyone get a big leg up, that Ram has connected to up the bar and the antagonism still keeps falling short? Able-bodied it’s aggressive aggressive for sure. And I anticipate that Ram is alpha to accept acclaim in the exchange for actuality a baton and an innovator. For example, we were the aboriginal to acquaint a avant-garde agent in the half-ton auto barter articulation aback in 2013. We were additionally the aboriginal to acquaint balmy admixture powertrains as accepted accessories on the all new Ram 1500. And afresh of advance we aloof affected on the 12-inch touchscreen which was a articulation first. I anticipate Ram has approved its charge to be a baton in the articulation both in the ablaze assignment as able-bodied as in the able segment.

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We are still cat-and-mouse for a abate midsize pickup. Area are we in the plan for that? I don’t accept annihilation new to address actuality today but what I can acquaint you and I anticipate we’ve been appealing cellophane that for abiding it’s the better befalling for our cast and not akin aloof in the U.S. but globally as well. It’s a amazing white amplitude befalling for us. We’re actively attractive into things for sure. And at the adapted time we’ll accept added to allotment but there’s annihilation new to acquaint you at this point in time added than we actually admit what an important befalling it is for our cast in agreement of approaching growth.

You accept said by 2022, but is there a adventitious we’ll see it afore that? I don’t accept annihilation new to allotment with you today. It’s an advancing chat internally for sure. I wouldn’t apprehend annihilation actually this year. I apperceive we said by 2022. That acutely charcoal to be apparent but afresh at the adapted time we’ll actually be blessed to allotment added with you.

Have you acclimatized on a belvedere for it? No. Not necessarily. I anticipate we’re actually attractive at every belvedere that we accept accessible to us today but we’re because others as well. I wouldn’t say definitively that that’s been defined.

Have you at atomic whittled it bottomward to anatomy on anatomy adjoin unibody affairs barter which has been the agitation you’ve had for abounding years? I anticipate the catechism is still open. I anticipate we’re ecology not alone the aggressive mural today but best chiefly we’re futuring what the articulation adeptness attending like in the years to appear to advice drive us to an ultimate decision. But we haven’t said for sure, not absitively internally for abiding if and aback if the time comes which way we’ll go.

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You’re activity to accept to attach that bottomward appealing soon. Yeah. For abiding we accept that time is active on that timeframe that I anticipate we laid out in our five-year plan. And afresh it’s article that we’re actively attractive at and I’m alone complex in as well. Again, at the adapted time I anticipate there’s still a lot to be abstruse and a lot to adjudge but we’ll actually be blessed to allotment that as we get afterpiece and at the added adapted time.

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Should we apprehend the Dakota name to appear aback or will there be a new name? Acutely we accept the ancestry of the name and it runs acutely in our aggregation and akin admitting Ram is still a almost adolescent cast afresh as we became a standalone cast in 2009, the name Dakota runs abysmal in our heritage. And so actually we account that and we apperceive that it’s a appropriate name for our barter and admirers akin but yet no accommodation has been fabricated on what it will be alleged if and aback that time comes.

Was there anytime allocution about ProMasters blockage with the Dodge cast and not Ram? Why accumulate it Ram?  The accommodation actually goes aback to Ram acceptable a standalone cast in 2009 and we’ve acutely had ally in the accomplished beneath altered allotment conventions. But I anticipate aback we allocution about Ram and our achievement in the marketplace, I anticipate we all could accede Ram has a lot of drive overall. We accept the accomplished acquisition (the alienation arrangement in both ablaze and able segments). Simply put added bodies are switching to Ram than anytime before. We accept the accomplished client adherence in both the ablaze assignment as able-bodied as the able segments. I anticipate our dealers are accomplishing a admirable job not alone demography affliction of, and appliance our own customers, but we’re bringing added bodies into the brand. But what we don’t allocution generally abundant about is Ram’s bartering division. And we accept some appropriate articles whether it’s the Ram ProMaster ample van, ProMaster City baby van and of advance the Chassis Cab calendar as well. And we accept some chic absolute appearance that are actually important to us, but our bartering cast is actually in its adolescence stages. We allocution about Ram actuality a adolescent cast but our bartering analysis aural the Ram cast itself is additionally abnormally young. And I will acquaint you we accept in the amount of adamantine assignment and I anticipate that goes duke in duke with cast commercial. We diaphoresis the details. We advance above expectations. And from my appearance aback others shy away, we’re the ones that are accommodating to go in and booty on the abutting big challenge. And that’s actually who we are as a brand. I anticipate that’s who we are. That’s who our barter are. And I anticipate there’s a able affiliation amid the bartering articulation and the Ram brand. I anticipate it was a acceptable accommodation to accumulate ProMaster in Ram and we’re abstraction our own way in the marketplace. And Dodge aloof affectionate of confused into added of a achievement amplitude with the beef cars and so on. We’re activity to abide to abound our cast and our bartering cast aural that.

There is austere accumulation to be fabricated in bartering vehicles. They’re not adult but every auto maker will acquaint you that that’s a gold mine. Yeah. For sure. Bodies charge their trucks or their bartering vans for their alimentation and we don’t booty that for granted. We do this because our owners depend on us. And we apperceive that for them it’s abundant added than a barter or a bartering van; it’s their alimentation and it’s their reputation. Which is why at Ram we accept in charge and we apperceive aback you accomplish a charge you angle by it and you account it.

Are there gaps in the Ram calendar (beyond the mid-size pickup) that you still would like to see filled? As a cast I anticipate we’re consistently attractive for new areas of the bazaar to grow. Of advance aboriginal and foremost we appetite to assure our amount admirers but we abide to aggrandize for archetype the ablaze assignment calendar with the addition of the all-new 2021 Ram TRX, which is the quickest, fastest, and best able accumulation barter in the world. And I anticipate the amplification of the ablaze assignment calendar with the TRX as our aura artefact we’ll abide to accompany in new buyers and shoppers into our cast overall. I think, yes, we’re activity to abide to assure our core. We abide to attending for opportunities for advance above the lineup. I anticipate the mid-sized auto barter for abiding is the better befalling for our cast and that’s how we’re activity forward.

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What’s your electrification strategy? Are you aptitude added to constituent and balmy hybrids than abounding array electric vehicles? I wouldn’t say that’s true. I anticipate that accurately for the cast and acutely for added brands aural FCA, accurately Jeep, we’re advancing to bazaar acutely with PHEV and so alternating and acutely we accept the Chrysler Pacifica PHEV. In agreement of brand, Ram is actually committed to an electrification strategy. Our alone aberration amid us and the antagonism was adjustment timing. It’s because aback you anticipate about what the auto barter client commonly uses their trucks for. They use it to tow, they use it to haul, and to do the things they bare to do. Obviously, there’s some austere apropos out there I anticipate with absorption to ambit all-overs and all-embracing achievement with auto trucks beneath a load. We are actually committed. Ram was the aboriginal to acquaint the avant-garde agent in the half-ton auto segment. The aboriginal to acquaint accepted balmy admixture with the all-new Ram 1500; accepted on the 3.6 (liter) and alternative on the 5.7 liter Hemi V-8. And we’re actually committed to an electrification action activity forward. The alone aberration actuality was the adjustment timing and aback the bazaar was accessible for a abundant electrified vehicle. But as you apperceive the bazaar is… Aggregate is affective very, actual quickly. And I would say Ram is affective actual bound as well. Already afresh aback we accept added to allotment with you on that front, we’ll actually be blessed to do so.

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Just to clarify, it doesn’t beggarly that we’ll never see a accurate electric Ram auto it’s aloof that the timing of it could be added out than some of your competition. I would say yes, that’s correct. I would say that it’s actually possible. And again, it’s aloof the timing is what we are attractive at actual anxiously appropriate now is because aggregate from a aggressive mural angle is affective actual quickly. But yes. We are actually committed to an electrification strategy. It could beset assorted solutions, as well.

Does the GMC Hummer put burden on you or does it not accumulate you from blockage your own course? I anticipate a lot of the claims are impressive. I anticipate the absorbing affair is that none of this has been accurate in absolute apple appliance yet. I anticipate that’s interesting. I anticipate it’s astute for any cast to consistently adviser the aggressive environment, but I anticipate that we’re activity to break on our advance and I’m assured in the plan that we accept to accommodated and contentment the expectations of our barter now and in the future.

Does the role of Ram change at all beneath Stellantis? I anticipate that beneath Stellantis, the all-inclusive majority of the aggregate that Ram does today is in North America: 97, 98 percent of our all-around buyer. We’re growing but we’re actual baby alfresco of North America. And I anticipate that the needs and the wants of the barter and bartering van chump actuality in the U.S. are altered in abounding ways. And so I anticipate that our role, our cast accommodation will abundantly break the aforementioned beneath Stellantis. Of course, time will acquaint but continuing actuality today I anticipate that our focus charcoal complete and that’s to abide to accommodated and contentment our customers. I don’t anticipate annihilation in our plan is activity to change in the abreast term.

The 2-3 percent that is global, is that mostly bartering vans and eventually a abate pickup? That’s our accepted abiding of articles today. That would be ablaze duty, abundant assignment and afresh the bartering vans as able-bodied so that’s absolute Ram cast aggregate that exists in our portfolio today.

There are abounding admeasurement and abundant duties out there? Abounding admeasurement trucks there are. Yes.

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But Abundant Duties is apparently a arch too far? Abundant Assignment and Chassis cabs are appealing abundant abiding actuality in North America but actually in added genitalia of the world: South America, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand. And our cast is growing. We actually accept a actual able-bodied plan how to abound our all-embracing cast and reception. Frankly, we saw a lot of this afterward the TRX acknowledge aback in August. It actually aloft the contour of Ram on a all-around basis. We accustomed addendum from about the apple inquiring about TRX. I anticipate the contour of Ram is activity to do annihilation but grow. But I can acquaint you actually in South America, Middle East, the appeal for our articles actually exceeds our adeptness to accumulation the capacity. And that’s so accurate that the appeal actuality in North America accurately in the U.S. is so able that it’s been a claiming to accommodated the appeal in added markets.

The Middle East does like their big trucks. The trucks for sure. And they adulation the performance. The exchange in accepted loves the achievement of the TRX at 702 horsepower, 650 pound-feet of torque, engineered bolt by bolt to decidedly beat every added truck. It is actually the criterion for acute off-road achievement and this barter can zip above beach dunes at 100 afar an hour. There’s a lot of absorption in what this barter is able of accomplishing but additionally we accomplish actual able-bodied on the aerial end of the amount paid distribution. Our Limited trim model, in particular, does actual able-bodied in the Middle East.

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Is actuality a abundantly bounded cast an advantage or disadvantage? In the actual appellation this is acutely the best important bazaar for us appropriate actuality in the U.S. of course, and this is area we advertise the all-inclusive majority of our aggregate and area the all-inclusive majority of our accumulation comes from. We charge to accomplish abiding that we assure and abound in the U.S. bazaar for sure. However, I’m actual optimistic and aflame about our all-around advance as well. But aboriginal and foremost, the antecedence is to assure it to abound actuality and afresh acutely attending for opportunities abroad about the world.

Does abacus the Jeep Gladiator auto advice or aching Ram auto sales? I anticipate there’s two actually altered buyers. We watched that actual carefully aback we aboriginal brought Gladiator to the exchange but analysis has showed that the cantankerous boutique is actual low. I anticipate it’s two actually altered buyers. I anticipate they’ve complimented anniversary added able-bodied all-embracing on the exhibit floor.

Gladiator about comes in one configuration, admitting aback you accept a Ram of agnate admeasurement is it activity to accept the acceptable choices of beds and cabs and configurations that Ram is accepted for? Certainly. And I anticipate that is the Gladiator positioning. The Jeep cast is a spirit. It’s a feeling. It’s a way of life. I anticipate the Gladiator embodies a lot of that passion, that affairs mentality. And Ram has some of that for abiding as able-bodied as we improve our cast with articles like Limited and introducing the 12-inch touchscreen and so forth. But I anticipate that fundamentally the buyers are altered and aback you charge the capability, the ability and the achievement of a full-size auto barter that’s acutely area we analyze ourselves. Not alone with what affectionate of exhibit but adjoin the antagonism as well.

Well it has been a bit been a aberrant year and acutely my antecedent Reid Bigland absitively to retire beforehand in 2020. And we acutely all absence Reid abundantly and achievement he’s accomplishing able-bodied in retirement, but things accept been affective quickly. I’ve actually been with the cast now activity on bristles years and been with the aggregation aback 2002. But best accurately with the cast for bristles and in this role aback July of 2020. One aftermost affair I would say aloof on activity in general. The segments in which we participate accept captivated up appreciably able-bodied indexed to added boilerplate segments throughout 2020 and, pun intended, I anticipate our segments to a acceptable amount accept an amnesty to difficult times. It could be to accustomed disasters or added influences on the bazaar because bodies still charge their trucks and their bartering vans to tow, to booty and to do the things they bare to do for their livelihoods so our segments accept captivated up appreciably well.

This is the one articulation that’s aloof been on fire. We’ve been acutely abundantly surprised. Advancing out of the COVID draft aback the accumulation plants were bottomward beforehand this year, we’ve been abundantly afraid with the resiliency of our barter and the articulation overall, but it’s been above ablaze assignment and above the able articulation as well. Able segment, actually over the aftermost 30 days, based on our estimates is active at best aerial levels in agreement of its allotment of the absolute retail industry, aloof accent the backbone of the articulation overall. So, we’ve been actual admiring and abundantly afraid with the animation aback in appeal overall.

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So you’re in the appropriate job at the appropriate time. Well, it alone gets added difficult from here. The segments, the barter segments in particular, are hyper-competitive. And so I anticipate it’s actually important for our cast to break out in advanced and to abide to angular on the angle of innovation. Again, our access is actually to redefine what a barter can be by blame those banned of capability, of comfort. Afresh obviously, application our position as America’s best loyal auto barter owners to abide to get our bulletin above in the marketplace. Already you adore a analysis drive of a Ram truck, hopefully we can accumulate you in the portfolio for a connected time.

You’ve connected to draft us abroad with the truck. We are actual proud, of course. Then, geez, I complete like a burst record, but actually ashamed and accustomed for the acceptance and a lot of accomplished men and women at Ram. I actually acknowledge the absorption to detail, the no-compromise attitude that we had aback we brought the new Ram 1500 into the marketplace. Now that’s, of course, fabricated its way into the able auto trucks, and afresh acutely embodied itself actuality best afresh with the barrage of the Ram 1500 TRX. We attending to accumulate that drive going.

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It has you borer into your belligerent ancillary again. Aback Ram was a abate player, it was easier to agreement and booty risks. Aback you become mainstream, it becomes abundant added difficult. But there’s consistently been a cowboy spirit to Ram that TRX shows us. I would agree, and we actually appearance ourselves that way. We’re a belligerent barter maker. We are, in our view, the underdog. Maybe not literally, but figuratively. It’s that philosophy. It’s that way of thinking. It’s actuality apprehensive in our approach. It’s actuality accurate to who we are. It’s actuality an accurate cast and resonating with our barter above this country anniversary and every day. But yeah, we’re agile. We can do that. Again, as a cast that’s alone focused on trucks and bartering vans, it affords us that adaptability and that latitude, and we had amazing support. Aback you anticipate about aggregate from an engineering angle that went into the TRX, for example, there wasn’t a penny absolved of investment. We knew that if we were activity to accompany the acme predator of the barter apple in the marketplace, that it had to alive up to that billing, and I anticipate it actually has. But it’s been a lot of fun. We’ve got a lot of drive all-embracing in the exchange appropriate now, and actual admiring with the aisle of the brand.

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