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“Our new Tucson represents the abutting of Hyundai’s full-spectrum eco-powertrain approach, alms centralized combustion, amalgam and constituent amalgam models in a high-volume bunched SUV. With all-wheel-drive adequacy now added to new amalgam SUV platforms, barter no best charge to accept amid all-road, all-weather adequacy and outstanding efficiency,” said Thomas Schemera, controlling carnality president, arch of Artefact Division at Hyundai Motor Group.

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The new Tucson appeals to those who actively embrace the affiliation of technologies with their lifestyle; these avant-garde consumers agreeably embrace new technologies as way to anon accommodate and enhance their lives. All-wheel drive capabilities are an archetype of technology facilitating their alive lifestyles that generally includes brutal weather, adverse breadth and alive alfresco adventures.

Parametric Activating Exoteric Design”We accompany avant-garde solutions in architecture and add affecting amount to our artefact acquaintance through our Carnal Sportiness architecture identity,” said SangYup Lee, chief carnality admiral and arch of Hyundai All-around Architecture Center.

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Tucson’s new exoteric administration expresses Hyundai’s evolving Carnal Sportiness architecture identity. The new SUV embodies what Hyundai designers alarm ‘Parametric Dynamics’ with kinetic, jewel-like apparent account that emphasizes Tucson’s audible actualization in a awash SUV segment.

Tucson facilitates the affiliation of technologies with tech-savvy lifestyles; these tech-savvy consumers accept the latest accessories to enhance their lives. Tucson’s affiliation of technology and architecture is axiomatic in avant-garde half-mirror blazon daytime alive lamps (DRLs) that are alloyed seamlessly aural the parametric grille and alone arresting aback illuminated.

Tucson’s ancillary contour conveys an consequence of able avant-garde motion. The continued awning and akin roofline accompanying with a continued wheelbase and abbreviate overhangs reflect a ready-for-anything activating character. Brittle geometric angles and edges actualize a arresting adverse amid a glassy contour and adult block lines. The chrome bandage alpha from the ancillary mirrors follows the arc of the roofline with accretion amplitude and cautiously conveys dispatch as it alcove the C pillar.

The alive architecture affair carries over to the rear, breadth the full-width appendage lamp incorporates half-concealed triangular shapes that are acutely arresting aback illuminated, alveolate the DRL affair in front. In acclimation to accomplish the abstention of this architecture theme, the Hyundai logo is animated and chip into the glass, and the rear wiper is buried below the rear spoiler.

Serene and Spacious INTERSPACE InteriorTucson’s interior, or ‘INTERSPACE’, offers sensuous, multi-layered forms that accommodate a activity of artlessness and serenity. This is a abode breadth space, technology and advice seamlessly blend. The ample backbone of the dashboard blends consistently with the doors, wrapping about avant-garde occupants like a geologic gorge, while a angular oriented, absolutely chip centermost fascia descends to the animate like a waterfall. Twin argent adornment curve alive from the centermost fascia to the rear doors accord neatly layered apparent abstracts in complementary, aloof tones. Ambient affection lighting is adjustable to 64 colors in ten levels of brightness.

The autogenous offers three new technologies, including a 10.25-inch full-touch awning absolved of adamantine buttons, a hoodless agenda barometer cluster, and multi-air ventilation, a temperature-adjusting arrangement accouterment diffused airflow on the avant-garde passengers. This indirect, diffusing blast arrangement reduces potentially abhorrent airflow and is different in the automotive industry.

These actualization actualize a high-tech, beginning and agitative ambience, with absorptive abstracts on high-touch areas, assorted actual applications based on the affluence of interface, and a exceptional all-embracing presence. Tucson’s second-row seats affection fold-and-dive functionality for calmly optimized reconfiguration adequacy amid cartage and cargo. For added convenience, a absolution batten for this action is additionally amid in the rear burden area.

The new Tucson for the U.S. alone offers the long-wheelbase adaptation of the all-around platform, which is longer, wider, taller, and has a best wheelbase than the antecedent generation. Moreover, commuter aggregate increases by six cubic feet, to 108.2 cubic feet, and burden aggregate has added by 7.7 cubic feet, to 38.7 cubic feet.

2022 Tucson Dimensions

2022 Tucson

2021 Tucson


Length (in.)




Amplitude (in.)




Height (in.)




Caster Base (in.)

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New Model and Performance Hyundai Hybrid Suv 2022




Cargo Volume(cu. ft.)




Passenger Volume(cu. ft.)




Diverse Smartstream Agent Ancestors Line-upThe new Tucson offers both a Smartstream™ 2.5-liter, direct-injected and multi-port-injected gasoline agent as able-bodied as 1.6-liter, direct-injected, turbocharged amalgam and constituent amalgam powertrains. The new Smartstream 2.5-liter engine, with high-efficiency combustion, cooled EGR and an optimized ITMS cooling system, boasts a acceptable 187 application at 6,100 rpm and 178 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 rpm, with a targeted accumulated ammunition abridgement of 28 mpg with front-wheel drive. This 2.5-liter agent couples to an 8-speed automated manual for accomplished adeptness and acceleration.

2022 2.5-liter

2021 2.4-liter (opt)


187 HP (estimated)

181 HP


178 lb.-ft. (estimated)

175 lb.-ft.

Fuel Economy             

Targeted 28 Combined    

EPA-estimated 25 Combined

Eight-Speed Automated TransmissionThe eight-speed manual for the accepted 2.5-liter agent provides quick and brittle accouterment for an agreeable and able alive experience. This automated manual adds arrangement ambit at both the top and basal of achievement speeds acceptance for added advance off-the-line and a quieter, added fuel-efficient cruise on the interstate. A multi-disc and alone controlled hydraulic approach torque advocate improves admiration by accretion the absolute affiliation band, while a downsized oil pump and bifold brawl bearings abbreviate frictional losses. Tucson additionally offers shift-by-wire ascendancy of its gasoline transmissions (standard on amalgam models), accretion accessible animate amplitude for added frequently acclimated switchgear.

HTRAC® Avant-garde AWD SystemTucson offers Hyundai’s HTRAC® All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system. The HTRAC AWD arrangement was developed as a multi-mode system, accouterment an electronic, variable-torque-split clamp with alive torque ascendancy amid the avant-garde and rear axles. The driver-selectable HTRAC Normal, Sport and Acute modes advice accommodate assured ascendancy in all acclimate conditions. The Sport ambience gives a added alive feel by sending added torque to the rear wheels, for a sporty, activating experience. This arrangement has a added ambit of torque administration airheadedness than abounding advancing systems and is acquainted to altitude such as straight-line acceleration, medium- and accelerated cornering, and acropolis starts. 

Hybrid and Constituent Amalgam PowertrainsTucson’s amalgam and constituent amalgam models focus on a counterbalanced aggregate of fun-to-drive achievement accompanying with accomplished economy, compared with a authentic adeptness focus at the accommodation of alive assurance by abounding competitors.

The Amalgam powertrain 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline agent produces an estimated 177 application and 195 lb.-ft. of torque, with an estimated 226 absolute arrangement accumulated horsepower. The amalgam powertrain additionally produces an estimated 258 lb.-ft. of torque from the accumulated amalgam powertrain, with a 44.2 kW electric motor and a 1.49 kWh arrangement pack. The Amalgam powertrain delivers this abounding adeptness through an HEV-tuned six-speed automated manual for smooth, quiet and able performance. Combined, this amalgam powertrain is 30 percent added ammunition able than the accepted gasoline engine, with 20 percent added torque for effortless circadian driving. This superb adeptness additionally provides for over 500 afar of ambit afore refueling for greater alive convenience.

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Plug-in Amalgam models affection a high-output 1.6-liter turbocharged, direct-injected amalgam powertrain accompanying with a six-speed automated transmission. The Constituent Amalgam arrangement is above than the amalgam battery, with 13.8 kWh of power, acquiescent an estimated all-electric ambit (AER) of 28 afar and estimated ammunition abridgement of over 70 MPGe. PHEV level-2 charging adequacy takes beneath than two hours to recharge the system, application a 7.2kW on-board charger. The Constituent Amalgam powerplant delivers adeptness through a PHEV-tuned six-speed automated manual for accuracy and efficiency.

Shared Amalgam and Constituent Amalgam TechnologiesBoth these new powertrains use cutting-edge agent technology in the anatomy of Continuously Variable Valve Continuance (CVVD). This avant-garde new valve continuance technology always optimizes valve aperture continuance for optimal power, adeptness and emissions with minimized accommodation in key measures of agent performance. For the aboriginal time in a Hyundai SUV, amalgam and constituent amalgam models will additionally action accepted HTRAC® AWD adequacy to accommodated the needs of eco-focused buyers with specialized modes for greater adeptness to breadth and acclimate conditions, including Snow mode. Hyundai’s latest HTRAC® all-wheel drive systems for the amalgam and constituent amalgam accept been acquainted at off-road proving area about the apple to aerate avant-garde absorption adequacy over a avant-garde arrangement of surfaces. Both amalgam powertrains additionally advance a different Transmission-Mounted Electric Accessory (TMED), which helps administer the added achievement appropriate of amalgam SUV applications.

e-Handling Alive DynamicsThe alive achievement ambition for the Tucson was to actualize a added authentic faculty of affiliation amid the agent and the driver. Alive dynamics bout the adventurous exoteric design, and the administration amalgamation is improved, so the new Tucson is alike added alive than the antecedent generation. The abeyance has been aesthetic in affiliation with e-handling systems to abbreviate acceptable compromises amid adventurous administration and superb ride comfort.

Tucson amalgam models affection Hyundai’s e-handling technology, which absolutely applies electric motor torque ascendancy according to activating inputs and alley altitude to advance cornering achievement for a new akin of fun-to-drive dynamics. As the Tucson amalgam turns-in to a corner, the electric motor arrangement applies absolute incremental braking force to the avant-garde wheels, accretion their annoy acquaintance application on the alley apparent for added absorption and council acknowledgment while initiating turn-in. Then, as the agent moves to avenue the corner, the electric motor applies absolute torque to the rear axle, accretion the rear annoy acquaintance patches for added absorption and ascendancy accelerating out of the corner.

Segment-first Absolute FeaturesTucson offers a cardinal of segment-first absolute actualization including:

SmartSense Assurance Tucson offers accomplished alive and acquiescent assurance systems, with an arrangement of avant-garde assurance technologies as allotment of the Hyundai SmartSense Assurance Affection suite. The new Tucson currently offers added accepted and accessible alive assurance actualization than any added SUV in its chic to advice accumulate drivers, cartage and others out of harm’s way.

Standard Acute Faculty Assurance Features


Forward Collision-Avoidance Abetment (FCA) w/ Ped and Cyclist Detection

Lane Befitting Abetment (LKA)

High Beam Abetment (HBA)

Driver Attention Admonishing (DAW)

Rear Occupant Alive (ROA)

Optional Assurance Features

Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Abetment (BCA)


Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Abetment (RCCA)                           


Safe Avenue Admonishing (SEW)*


Smart Cruise Ascendancy (SCC) with Stop & Go


New Model and Performance Hyundai Hybrid Suv 2022

Price, Design and Review Hyundai Hybrid Suv 2022

Ultrasonic Rear Occupant Alive (ROA)


Remote Acute Parking Abetment (RSPA)


Advanced Disciplinarian Abetment Systems (ADAS)SUV buyers do not appetite to accommodation aback it comes to attention their passengers, so Hyundai has broadcast its SmartSense Assurance technologies on the new Tucson. It now offers added actualization than accept anytime been accessible in a bunched SUV. This acceptable apartment of avant-garde assurance actualization goes far above the affluence of SUV articulation accepted assurance accessories and includes abounding avant-garde disciplinarian abetment systems, such as the following:

Forward Collision-Avoidance Abetment (with Pedestrian, Cyclist and Junction-Turning Detection)The new Tucson offers an added Avant-garde Collision-Avoidance Abetment (FCA) with pedestrian, cyclist and junction-turning detection, an avant-garde assurance affection activated aback the agent senses a vehicle, banal or cyclist in avant-garde of the car with abeyant for a collision. The accessible junction-turning affection can ascertain an on-coming agent aback axis larboard at an circle and may acquaint the disciplinarian and accommodate braking abetment to advice abstain a collision.

Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Abetment (BCA)BCA helps abstain collisions with a rear ancillary agent aback alteration lanes. Aback operating the about-face arresting about-face to change lanes, if there is a accident of blow with a rear ancillary vehicle, the arrangement provides a warning. Afterwards the warning, if the accident of blow increases, the arrangement automatically controls the agent to advice abstain a collision. If abandonment a alongside parking atom and there is a accident of blow with a rear ancillary vehicle, the arrangement automatically assists with emergency braking.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance AssistRear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Abetment (RCCA) helps abstain collisions with advancing cartage on the larboard or appropriate ancillary of the agent while reversing. If there is a accident of blow with an advancing agent on the larboard or appropriate ancillary while reversing, the arrangement provides a warning. Afterwards the warning, if the accident of blow increases, the arrangement automatically assists with emergency braking.

Lane Befitting Abetment and Lane Afterward AssistLane Befitting Abetment (LKA) helps anticipate adventitious lane abandonment by analysis alley markings, automatically council the agent if necessary. Lane Afterward Abetment (LFA) takes LKA a footfall added and may automatically acclimatize council to advice accumulate the agent centered in its lane of biking and can advice accumulate the agent centered on both highways and burghal streets.

Highway Alive AssistHighway Alive Abetment (HDA) is a alive accessibility arrangement that assists drivers in advancement the centermost of the lane, while befitting a safe ambit to the car in avant-garde and can advice advance agent speeds according to acquaint dispatch banned on federal artery highways. HDA works in affiliation with the aeronautics arrangement information, acute cruise and lane afterward assist.

Blind-Spot Actualization MonitorBlind-Spot Actualization Monitor (BVM) offers the disciplinarian an added acreage of vision, displayed aural the barometer cluster. If the disciplinarian activates a about-face signal, an angel of the actualization from the agnate ancillary mirror is displayed in the arrangement display.

Surround Actualization MonitorThe new Tucson uses cameras to accommodate the disciplinarian with an enhanced, bird’s-eye actualization of the car’s exterior, giving the disciplinarian aplomb aback action into or out of spaces.

Ultrasonic Rear Occupant AlertUltrasonic Rear Occupant Alive (ROA) monitors the rear seats to ascertain the movements of accouchement and pets, reminding drivers to analysis the rear seats aback abandonment the vehicle; if the arrangement detects movement in the rear seats afterwards the disciplinarian leaves the vehicle, it will complete the horn and accelerate an alive to the driver’s smartphone via Blue Link.

Safe Avenue WarningTucson additionally offers Hyundai’s Safe Avenue Admonishing (SEW) arrangement helps ascertain cars abutting from the rear while the Tucson is parked. If a commuter attempts to accessible the aperture aback a car is abutting from behind, beheld and acoustic warnings on the arrangement may alive the passengers.

Smart Cruise Ascendancy with Stop and GoUsing a alarm sensor army on the lower avant-garde grille, Acute Cruise Ascendancy maintains a set ambit from the agent avant-garde by automatically adjusting agent dispatch as needed, alike in alternate cartage conditions.

High Beam Abetment (HBA)Eliminates the charge for drivers to manually switch high beams on and off at night for abutting cartage in the adverse on-coming lane.

Driver Attention Admonishing (DAW) Monitors a spectrum of driver-related characteristics to advice ascertain disciplinarian fatigue and alive the driver.

Advanced Infotainment, Connectivity and ConvenienceCompact SUV buyers apprehend a lot from their vehicles. To accommodated these expectations, Tucson provides seamless connectivity and acceptable aegis from alive hazards. Hyundai’s customer analysis tells us that Tucson buyers appetite an escape from the circadian accent of continued commutes, abundant traffic, alley hazards and distractions. They additionally apprehend to break affiliated wherever they go, and the Tucson provides this adequacy bigger than any SUV in the market.

Tucson’s wireless accessory charging makes it easier than anytime to accumulate accessories answerable aback on the go. Activating Articulation Acceptance is an avant-garde articulation acceptance arrangement that utilizes simple articulation commands to calmly accomplish specific controls for the cabin, including: temperature adjustment, radio, bear opening/closing, acrimonious council wheel, heated/cooled seats, and others. The arrangement can additionally abetment with assorted credibility of absorption (POI), acclimate status, and banal bazaar data. The Tucson aeronautics arrangement offers split-screen functionality that enables multi-tasking capabilities. Tucson additionally offers an eight-speaker Bose® Exceptional complete system.

Blue Link® Affiliated Car SystemThe new Tucson receives abounding Blue Link® Affiliated Car Arrangement enhancements. As with best Hyundai models, Blue Link is adulatory for three years and includes actualization such as Alien Alpha with Climate Control, Alien Aperture Lock/Unlock, Stolen Agent Recovery and Destination Search by Articulation and others. Blue Link actualization can be accessed via autogenous controls or through the web portal, the MyHyundai with Blue Link smartphone app, the Amazon® Alexa Blue Link accomplishment and the Blue Link Google Assistant app. Some actualization can be controlled via Android Wear™ and Apple Watch™ smartwatch apps.

2022 Tucson improvements include:

More capacity on specific Blue Link–equipped cartage accessible at

Remote Agent StartRemote Agent Start allows the buyer to accidentally balmy up or air-conditioned bottomward the agent application the new Tucson’s key fob on models able with Proximity Key and Advance Button Start.

Tucson N LineAs allotment of Hyundai’s growing N brand, Hyundai is actively developing an N Bandage adaptation of the Tucson to address to enthusiast buyers, with a added advancing exoteric actualization and autogenous details. N Bandage will be advancing after in 2021 with abounding capacity provided afterpiece to that timing.

Hyundai Adulatory Aliment and America’s Best Warranty®Hyundai Adulatory Aliment is the latest accession to the Hyundai Assurance program, which promises to actualize a bigger acquaintance for shoppers and owners of Hyundai vehicles. Hyundai Assurance is fabricated up of Buyer Assurance, now including adulatory maintenance, and Shopper Assurance, which calm action barter a arrangement of means to abridge the affairs action and advance the owning and account experience. Capacity on these promises include:

Hyundai Motor AmericaAt Hyundai Motor America, we accept anybody deserves better. From the way we architecture and body our cars to the way we amusement the bodies who drive them, authoritative things bigger is at the affection of aggregate we do. Hyundai’s technology-rich artefact calendar of cars, SUVs and alternative-powered electric and ammunition corpuscle cartage is backed by Hyundai Assurance—our affiance to actualize a bigger acquaintance for customers. Hyundai cartage are awash and serviced through added than 820 dealerships civic and about bisected of those awash in the U.S. are congenital at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama. Hyundai Motor America is headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, and is a accessory of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea.

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